Sadly, I just can’t :)

It was of my full intent to never succumb to this passion. I had always had a love and hate relationship with writing. It’s immensely fulfilling when done right but all together exhausting when it’s forced. But words has always been alluring. Despite the fact that I currently thrive in a world of logic and program lines, words always peeks my interest. It has brought me an exhilarating overnight read of a book I can’t believe I had the privileged to stumble upon. It has helped me figure out what was going inside me, psychologically and emotionally. And words, yes words! has romantically quipped those unexpected yet memorable moments that randomly happens in our life. It’s influence is too powerful to ignore. Whether I’d admit or not (I think I will but rather sheepishly), it brings me great pleasure that hopefully someday,  I’d be able express myself artfully, humorously and accurately using words.


Ah.. this passion I tried to suppress because laziness is more convenient and easy to follow. But here we are on a sleepless night, writing my first post on this highly recommended blog site. I use to shun away ordeals like this.Voluntarily avoiding unwanted attention (Especially the internet trolls. Damn those harsh cyber bystanders!) But it’s time.. I apparently can’t leave this “thing” alone. Hence, I begin this journey of posting 1-3 article per week with the hope of improving my writing ability. You know, that hopefully with this medium, I’d someday be too damn witty that I’d achieve glory far greater than mere mortals can handle! *chuckle* (That sounded rather egoistic) But seriously, I want to be able to express myself properly through writing. That I could effectively say want I want using the right adjectives, the right phrasing or the write metaphors. I may never get this right but who cares, as long as I’m trying to take a whack at it, it’ll somehow be fulfilling.. In a way.. 🙂

This is not an online journal, a style blog, a food porn site (get it? :D) or whatever trending right now. It’ll just be a little corner I’d like to occupy in the vast space of the internet. With the hope that I could finally profess and live out my love for words.. Well, here I go!


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