The unconscious effect of reality


Bitterness: The villain of all stories. Surmounted atop of this black murky feeling is that expected cynical point of view and sarcastic humor. Draw her as a caricature and you’d imagine an uptight, fashionably dressed, self-absorbed bitch sucking the life out of a cigarette. You snicker and laugh at how she reacts to reality. It’s as if experience pushed her to that corner. But while you continue living your life, you’d never notice your transition. Your unconscious of how embedded money is to the essence of your living.  You click and tap the keyboard away never realizing your hands became claws that desperately chases after success. For money.

Then, there’s coffee. It used to be a beverage. But gradually, it became a substance you depended on. Then it transitioned to nicotine. You feel agitated without them. It’s as if you won’t work unless their in your system. Like someone or something has to push your “ON” button.

You wouldn’t know you have gone too far up until you throw resentment to EVERYTHING life puts you up. You are unnecessarily insincere, too wrapped up in a fancy facade hoping to get that deal and too far off the trail to know the difference between really connecting and being manipulated. Too tainted. Sullied. You now bathe in that black murky feeling of Bitterness. And you can’t even tell how far off you are..


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