Sometimes, I just want to be left alone by the world. By what people have become.

Insincerety, Vanity & Shallowness has been too immersed to the cultural mainstream, it’s hard to find anything geniune. We’ve become too distracted on focusing what’s on the surface that we forget cultvating what’s inside. We got too busy making good impressions that honest and geniune connections are taken for granted.

She is more beautiful. He is more cooler. So what? It all feels vapid anyway.

Plus, there is this tendency nowadays that everything with a cause or of good intention has to become a trend or a revolution like being feminist, anti-racial or supporting gender equality. What is up with that? It feels like anything becomes a marketing promotion from a small voice. The sincerity of it all is gone because eventually, it becomes an annoying gimmick anyone will ignore. The point is then defeated.

I’ve got more branded stuff.

I’ve got cooler pictures.

I’ve gone to more places.

I’m more fit and model-like.

So fucking what. Social media, thank you for stirring society.


7 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. What a delightful rant. The world has always been like this, and I image that social media has only magnified this blemish of the human condition. Let me ask you so, what do you intend to do about it?


    • Yeah, i think you’re right on that perspective. Beauty and being self centered has always been glorified for years. And yeah, that’s a good question. Well, right now.. I’m trying to recall and relive the good values I’ve learned while growing up. I reckon that these days, media has a huge influence on our perspective, morals or values. A lot of us spends a lot of time on the internet. What I plan to do is just discourage and shun away from any “trending” values I don’t agree with. I’m trying to recall which values emphasize more on making a more genuine world. I’m not going to start a revolution or anything like that. I intend to be strong on my stand. I’d like to influence anyone with what I believe but I won’t impose anything on them.

      How about you? What do you plan to do?


      • Lawanen, what I see is this: If you pick the values you agree with and shy away from the ones you don’t, and I and everyone else did the same there would be no real values. At some point we have to seek a compass. Now, I can’t tell anyone what that compass is. I don’t know. It may be God or religion, philosophy or science, or some other form of ethical and moral code. What I do know is that we do need one, and that there is a point at which we must take a stand – be that small or indeed revolutionary. It is good that you have asked these questions. Now you must consider exploring them within yourself and unpacking them.

        As for me and what I intend to do – Well I believe in a God and I hope that this God is the final arbiter of history. Greed, Capitalism, and creation of poverty and the Third World create too many real human victims, and I hope that they will have some justice… in this life or the next – preferably in this life. I believe that human beings and their well being is important and that we must stand up and speak and act for the homeless, the poor, the victims, and the oppressed. I too am in the middle of unpacking this worldview.

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    • Ùr-Fhàsaidh, I couldn’t agree more with you. I agree on two points that you just mentioned. I agree our society must follow a compass so order or even peace can be attained. I think it’s best that society works like that. But, I must say this. Base on my observation, our current society does follow a certain compass. I think many of us follow what’s popular. And the most popular right now is amplified by media, may it be through television or internet. Media has greatly influenced the society now a days. And this post is a reaction to this nonsense. I assume that if I was an individual who grew up with no strong values, morals or self identity then I would just go with the flow. I think the most popular values these days that we get from social media is Vanity, Being Self-Centered and Shallowness. So that’s why I posted this. In a way, I want my little voice to be a reminder (more to myself) that we should not glorify these characteristics. It will lead as to self destruction, eventually.

      On the second point, I too, also believe in a God. But I will openly admit that I’m passive about my faith. When God gives me enough, I forget about him but when I am in trouble, I hail his presence like my life depends on it. Now, I’m not very sure if my personal experience is a solid example but I’d like to mention that there was a period in my life where I lived some Godless days. It was awful, to be honest. I became egoistic and just blamed my self for the bad days and praised myself for the good. It was dark times. I was constantly beating myself up internally. It was exhausting. I honestly confessed and repented. I never want to go back in that state.So, yes. I agree with you that generally, our society should follow a positive compass with God in it instead of.. What’s happening now… I know I’m a little voice. And maybe, my actions may be futile. But as much as I can ( and it seems we have a similar stand) I intend to remind myself to stick what I believe in.

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      • Society follows a sort of compass, but it is neither moral nor immoral. It lacks morals. It is amoral. What this then is, as you say, is a vanity – and like all vanities it is meaningless. Society, together with the growth of secularism, removes meaning from all things. The result of this for human beings is that we see no meaning in justice or injustice. Events became mere events and anything becomes possible. It is for this reason that we must use our ‘little voices’ and speak out to challenge this lack of meaning. Meaninglessness is hopelessness, and we have to remain a people of hope. So your little voice and my little voice together can become, with millions of others, a giant chorus calling for change.

        Do not worry about who you were in the past. What matters is that you are who you are now. You have changed who you are, and my prayer and hope for you is that you can now begin the work of changing the world. I have decided to follow your blog so that I can see how your ‘little’ revolution is progressing. Keep it up.

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      • thank you for hearing my little voice! and again, i can’t help agreeing to your comment.. may we keep sticking to what our little voice stand for 🙂


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