They were at it again. Greeting the dawn with a cold beer in hand while sitting opposite a small table. They would spend hours completely engrossed on their random discussion of anything technical: finance, program bottlenecks and what nots. It was always like that. They kept the topic light. They also kept a good amount of space in between them to call it friendly but a delicious chemistry was budding. And for her, it was causing a stir.

“Tell me something”, she interjected in an offbeat manner. She paused then bit her lower lip self-consciously. “How do you see me?”

The question caught him of guard. The smile from his face weakened. He quickly cast his eyes down then looked into hers. He swallowed, shrugs then awkwardly scratches the back of his neck. “You’re cool, I guess.” His tone suggesting to drop the topic. He feel quiet. As a response, she gave an embarrassed smile.  OK. That was awkward.

She shrugged the moment off then changed the topic with analytics. His engrossed and lively mood came back. He was again animated and thoroughly discussed the cons.

Any technical topic excites him. She thought. ANYTHING that is NOTHING remotely close to romance gets him talking. ANYTHING but romance.  She bit her lips again as her thoughts wandered off to this curious observation.

While talking, he unconsciously lay his eyes on her lips. His stare lingered as he fell silent. She was too lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice. It came to her attention when she snapped out from her reverie. To cut the trance, she combed her hair and smiled . When he too came to his senses, he mimicked her then licked his lips.  They fell silent again. She took a long swig of her beer. The cold liquid trickled down her throat.

Her eyes unintentionally fell to his biceps. Then, it ran to his chest.

God dammit. She thought. This guy is delicious. This is torture. This is just torture.

“I’m just gonna use the bathroom”, she got unto her feet then walked. While in the ladies’ room, she splashed cold water and exhaled. She concluded that if she keeps getting these feelings and get ignored like that, then she’s not gonna have these sessions with him anymore.

With this resolve, she walked towards their table wearing a self-satisfied smirk. He turned his head and looked at her while drinking his beer. His eyes flickered from her breast to her legs, passively checking her out. Then, he turned his head to the opposite direction as if nothing happened. But she saw that. She cocked her head as she tried to re-examine if it was just her imagination or did he really checked her out.

Hours later, their session turned to slurs and blurred perception. They were more unguarded and are highly intoxicated of alcohol. Their session continued with a cold breeze and loud fits of laughter. Without realizing it, there distance grew smaller. Their awkwardness was replaced with random light touches. Her eyes watered from a funny joke he just said. While he grinned from ear to ear, satisfied with her reaction.

” It’s getting late”, She realized while checking her clock. The colors of the sky turned from slightly dark to light hues of blue.

” Yeah”, He replied. Their laughter died down to a mutual silence. They looked around the restaurant. They were the only customer left. They called the waiter for their bill.

” Are you still ok? Can you manage? Here, let me grab you a cab”, He offered while getting up. She nodded and blushed. Then, they walked to the sidewalk. He raised his hands to hail a cab. Minutes later, a car parked in front of them.

“Thanks,” She turned her head and smiled before climbing in.

“Till next time,” He smiled. She nodded then got in. As the cab drove away, she looked back to him. The outlines of his figure became smaller. She grinned as confusing emotions flooded her intoxicated state. As always, she couldn’t read their sessions properly. She bit her lip as she recalled the night.


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