The Play: God, Man and the Devil


There was once a story of three beings: the God, the Man and the Devil. The three of them lived in one space called universe where they can interact with each other. Interrelating these three beings is a powerful stream of unstoppable and unchangeable force called time. Time does not rule over on anyone of them but they all anticipated it’s every change. Every aspect of the events that happens in the span of their existence is dependent on this thing called time.

How they regarded each other and how they projected themselves are directly reflective to their intentions. Their intentions were like the outlines of their embodiment. God’s intentions were favorable for all of them and in contrast, the Devil’s intentions were only complimentary for himself. But Man was not as decided as the other beings. He wasn’t sure of what his intentions were and on what grounds were the basis of it.

Since Man was the only one who was the most uncertain amongst the bunch, God and Devil thought of revealing their intentions to him. They provided him the freedom of broadening the basis of his intentions from the mere contents of their embodiments. With his freedom of choosing, the boundaries of Man’s intentions were confined between God’s opinion and the Devil’s. The to and fro of intentions between the three beings kept generating these conclusions that agreed to the continuous stream of time and to the significance of the universe. And on those moments, all was well.

But a knot in the flow, an unexpected event happened. While the three beings were immersed in their exchange, something grew in Man that somehow became a reference for his decisions. It somehow existed in his mind and he then called it knowledge. He detached himself from the other beings and fervently followed whatever knowledge dictates. It was his source of his decisions and the reason of his every intention.

Eventually, how the time flowed became unnoticeable through the continuum of the universe. The two beings began to ignore how infinitely black the universe is. They began to watch as Man walked his own path with his righteous manner. The Devil agreed to this selfishness which became the seed of the growing tree of knowledge planted inside Man’s being. Man’s every intentions were painted with thoughts that must be favorable to himself. The Devil tipped his hat to the familiarity and likeness that was reeking out from Man. God talked endlessly to Man’s ears but his words gets drowned by Man’s thoughts.

While time ran its course, the Devil became irritated with Man’s progress. Man only seeks validation with his knowledge to overwhelm everyone else’s existences. Because Man was ignoring his boundaries, the Devil competed with him to regain his rightful space. But God sat on his corner in the universe while he witnessed this banter. No longer his intentions were heard as his space in the universe became smaller and smaller. Long gone was the importance of time. Long gone was the point of acknowledging all aspects of the universe. As God looked at the Devil and the Man wrecking havoc through the universe, he pondered as to what was Man’s point. He pondered why initially; Man existed as an undecided entity.

Man was suppose to be vague and he didn’t get it. He wasn’t suppose to glorify himself,Time paused to answer God’s curiosity.

Man was supposed to co-exist. He was supposed to be in the middle. He was supposed to be the way between you and the Devil. His intentions, his embodiment wasn’t supposed to matter as his essence greatly came from both of you. He was suppose to maintain a balance within himself acknowledging every entity in the universe. He was supposed to be the solute to all of our existence. That little detail that needs to exist so I could continually stream through. But because of Man, my flow will stop one day. And the universe? From  being everything, eventually, it will become nothing.”


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