Too Passive

It was 3AM. I came outside to do an errand. One of our neighbor’s car was parked outside of our unit. It looked odd that all of its lights were on and all of its windows were rolled up. I felt irked as I checked if its fumes exhausted smoke. I glanced at the back. It seemed there were no smoke coming out from it. Was that a good or a bad thing? I couldn’t tell.

I wondered if someone was inside that car. Or was it left like that by mistake? Did they purposefuly left the car to run in to get something then come back minutes after? I was too curious but I didn’t want to seem to pry. So, I went about with my business which was getting the laundries I air dyred. I passed by throwing curious glances at the car but never hovered. When I was done, I glanced for one last time before geting into the house.


The next day, I found out that someone took their life in that car. They said, he died minutes after I was running my errand.

A sick, cold feeling came over me. Guilt and an inkling feeling of horror struck me rooted on my spot. I was too shock to function. I could have done something. But now, I felt like I was an accessory to that self inflicted murder. To me, my passitivity has caused death.


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