The Musings of A Free Spirit


I’ve tried living within the boundaries of the norms. I’ve tried following that unspoken rule book society has written. That rule book which paints those picturseque stages of our life that all people must go through so that the majority will approve of your life choices. I’ve struggled trying to diligently follow it. But it has come to my attention that normalcy was never a ride I’m too thrilled to take.

I am well aware that I don’t really know half of myself. But I too can tell that a free spirit embodies my being. I possess a unique and willfull core. My mind wanders off easily and my courage could back it up with a heartbeat. The satisfaction traveller’s get when they geographically explore the world is synonymous with the thrill I get when I unravel layer after layer of who I am.

I can be reading things wrong. Or I might be on the right track. I might just be greatly influenced by a trending moral of “self-empowerment”. Or maybe, I am partly recognizing a piece of of my truth.

I understand that I might take a non-convential route when my free spirit takes flight. I understand that whispers might spread in this conservative, holistic and highly-involved society I live in. I find it limiting to consider some experiences as odd, taboo or a mistake. As long as I abide a sound principle: non self-centered and non-harming to other people principle, then it is safe to trudge through my life. I have nothing to lose. Might as well give it a shot.

I have no idea if this is pointless or not. I have no idea if this will take me anywhere. This is not a mission to find happiness. This is however, a personal quest of unclipping the wings of my soul.


2 thoughts on “The Musings of A Free Spirit

  1. I really appreciate you sharing your experience.

    It is almost as if one is driven to abnormality or freedom. I recently came to a realization that the perfect you, the identity, is not prewritten. It is actually nonexistent. We dont have to find ourselves we need to create ourselves. This means we will feel the excitement of creation throughout our lives.

    I might be horribly wrong but im happy to be in this space.

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    • Thanks for taking interest in this entry. 😀 I think I kind of get what you mean. What you’re saying is that we can’t confine ourselves to those pre-defined personalities that the world has introduced to us. You imply that instead of discovering ourselves, we would embody ourselves better if we create ourselves? Did I get your thought right?

      I am happy for your that you are contented with the space you are in? 🙂 As for me, I’m still in the process of un-clipping my wings. So far, it has been a meaningful journey..


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