Don’t Be A White Noise


A passion is a creative frustration we can’t easily fulfill because it can’t pay the bills. So we just passively/aggressively pursue it depending on our driving force. Hence, the creation of this rant. Here I am again, giving this thing yet another attempt. I’m scribbling all my gits, blood and gore because I apparently can’t stop my fingers from typing. I’m hooked, I suppose. Yeah.. I’m hooked.

And it seems to me that the writing realm feels like a high school mess hall. It is overcrowded. It is overwhelming. There are too many noise and too many voices that wants to be heard. And with these voices, you can determine a notable trend. You can sense that some people’s blog has bigger voices, hence, they have a bigger audiences. I notice that readers are more drawn to them because they write impressionable pieces. You know, stuff that haunts you after reading. And you want to read more and more and more.

I’m one of those readers who loves to find literature of that impact. I’d love reading from someone when their writing are highly relatable. BUT it has come to my attention that I seem to not have gotten that way of writing, yet. I noticed that I write entries that seems bland. Write ups that could easily be missed. And despite my “still learning” stage, my passion seems to have a life of its own. It doesn’t seem to allow me to laze around. My passion wants me to stay up all night. My eyes are all droopy and tired but my passion will not let me relax up until I write something satisfying. So to quench it’s bizarre thirst, I am trying to find an angle on how to transition from writing bland stuff to writing entries with characters. I feel that it is a struggle.

So hey, If anybody has encountered this dilemma, feel free to say anything.


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