Cover Yourself

Sexual objectification has become one of the most talked about issue these days. I for one spend too much time on the internet to notice that girls do wear lesser clothes. I’ve surfed around youtube, tumblr and facebook to see that women post more suggestive pictures/videos. And artists who do not take their influence responsibly spend too much time twerking, being vulgar and just affirming that: “Yes! As a woman, being sexually objectified is the coolest thing!”

Now I won’t be worried if almost all teens had sound mind. That they’d basically have similar coping mechanisms with these kids in this video:

But all kids aren’t like that. Some would follow trends mindlessly. So the question I’d like to ask is.. Will a mindless following of any trend hurt our society? Maybe.. But if women voluntarily place themselves as sexual objects of desire then the worst consequence is the mindless following of rape culture. Yes, rape culture is happening. It is not prominent, (thank god!) but it could be if women keeps wearing suggestive clothes.

I know I may sound prude. Or some may argue that these acts are a form of self expression. They could even point out that it is a form of self empowerment to some extent. I think I get that. But, expression (say art) can also be expressed in other way. I mean, come on! When you look at Nicki Minaj’s video there is only one thing that comes into your mind: sex. And that is sexual objectification right there. As one teen has rightfully stated: “Still don’t think that way was the right way to show that (referring to the fact that the video was a way of showing feminism) “.

Plus, it is somehow prevalent that nudity + highly sexual content materials are BARELY filtered or restricted these days. These materials are also easily accessible. (The concrete example: 50 Shades of Grey. Yup, that movie) Should the internet be blamed? Yes at some degree but the global community must act responsibly to address that. In a more realistic and personal scale though, I think parents can step in on this matter. Will kids care about the implications and consequences of sexual objectification? I can’t really say that. When something is easily accepted in a given culture, then I think that society would care less.

But I can say this. I really wish that their would be a greater voice to counter this current trend. I really hope Hollywood stars, Music Artists and Models will put more clothes on. They can significantly influence teens.

I really wish this trend could be amended. Hopefully when I turn 50, I won’t be horrified with what kids might do at that time. Hopefully when I turn on the TV, ( or whatever technology’s working on that time) I won’t see a rape scene or any other extremely intolerable sexual act and my grand son would laugh at me because I’m too old school. I hope I won’t hear him say: “Relax Grandma. These days, that’s normal. Everyone’s doing that.”

Oh, Dear God.


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