Juan looked at her with lustful eyes. He suppressed a moan when he peeked her breast. Supple. She was succulent for him. She was enough.

Before he could take a step, his morals kicked in. He was a family man with a beautiful boy. A boy who had big blue eyes. Eyes so blue, it held all the innocence in the world. He felt ashamed when he realized this.

As he was about to retreat, the girl coincidentally walked in front of him. He caught a whiff of her sweet scent. Lust revived his need. He stared at her discreetly. He stared at her round buttocks. He gawked at her fair skin. He wanted her luscious pink lips.

Juan silently followed behind her. He walked with light steps. And when they were isolated in a dark alley, he grabbed her into a corner. He indulged himself with his wicked intentions.

A crime was silently committed.

“Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused.” – Freda Adler


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