The Truth

you see, i did run from this for quite some time
stalling. hoping i don’t  have to face myself
and you’ve been patiently waiting on your ground
hoping i will not do anything heart wrenching

but as i run around i’ve asked, “will this be enough?”
“no. you will be enough,” i told myself
but the uncertainty grew as i tried to draw a conclusion

in the end, we slowly broke into pieces,
we stood on our respective ends
hoping one of us will give in like we used to
but we became mean, we became two strangers
while we tried to sow holes on a cloth that was turning into ashes

there were no more sunshine, but heart aches
no more stars and hopes, but heart breaks
and i stood there saying to myself this is good for me
while you stood there thinking how could this be

there are a lot of maybes at this point,
maybes time can only tell
but i say enough is enough.
if God grant me a will to control a part of my life,
I’d say no more. you are a lesson i’m openly learning
and at the same time, a fall in love i wish i’d never take again

we ended on loose ends and became terrible strangers
maybe time will heal the pain or maybe not
but i doubt time will be capable of removing the ugly truth our ending has revealed


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