“You have to push through..” Faith encouraged.
“I know.. “ was my meek reply.

She reached out her hand and looked into my eyes. It radiated with so much hope , intended to affect my dampen soul. But I recoiled weakly, covered my mouth and looked down.

“What is the point in trying.. If you already gave up.?” She said while continuing holding out her hand. I frowned in confusion.

“What is the point of waking up every day.. Living and breathing if you have already decided that life is going to screw you? What is the point in doing your everyday mundane tasks when your soul is drowning in misery and you’ve settled for that without even trying.? “ Her optimism was blinding.

“I guess..” I started nervously.. ” I guess.. I don’t see the point anymore. I’ve done and tried living.. Giving everything into something because I believed things will turn out fine.. But it didn’t.. I didn’t prepare myself from the crippling pain that came when reality struck me.. I couldn’t come back when all I believed in wasn’t true.. Life is too painful.. It’s too painful.. “

Faith just smiled at my answer.

“But you’re still here.. You’re still breathing, and that counts..  So please,  let me hold your hand..  And let me to change your mind.. Maybe, you’re just concentrating too much on the pain.. There are different ways on how you can see things.. “

I  hesitated. But.. I exhaled and took her hand.


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