I pride at being cynical

“I pride at being cynical because it is my battle wound after reality devoured and spited me out. I wear it as a badge because cynicism and dry humor makes me unique, quipped, sophisticated and an adult. Yes an adult.

I am an adult because I have overcome my overly trusting or hopeful tendencies and naive perception of the world. All that sadness, dark humor and bitterness in my soul are the marks of a true survivor. I got by after facing what my parents didn’t accurately prepared me for.

I am my smart-ass side comments, my rolling eyes and my realistic grasp. Yes, I am that…”

– Now read this with a HINT of sarcasm.

Yeah.. Smell that.. Smell that overdue pubescent angst..
Yeah.. Hear that “justified immaturity”. Irk at that prolonged in-denial..


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