Chapter 1 – New Guy

Olivia’s sincerity and lack of experience made her vulnerable. And when their eyes met, she already knew she would be teased.


That new guy silently came in. He carried his bag with one sling and walked to his desk. He licked his lips as he sense he was getting everyone’s attention. But who could blame him. His casual clothing stood out a midst the sea of slacks, neck ties, pencils and blouses. With his hooded sweatshirt, plain jeans, rough dirty hair and music booming over his head phone, you could tell he’d like to be left alone. But people tried to pry in a subtle way. His nonchalance stirred their curiosity. His strong light brown eyes that pierced through anyone made them follow his every move.

That split moment when their eyes met placed her in a trance. He blinked and cast his eyes down immediately. It took her a moment to realize what happened. She snapped back to reality with a startled upright bolt. Her noisy fumbling broke everyone’s curious gaze and gossips. Everyone then casually hushed and settled back to their work as if nothing had happened.  Like the rest, she faced her screen while recalling where she had left off.

He’s not even that attractive… the cue to her new day dreaming began. I mean come on, why wear those clothes to work.. The tone of revolt in her head made her less convinced. She knew it was a bit too late especially when she saw the way his eyes lit up with curiosity when it met hers.

Hence, in between sipping her coffee and the silent clacking of her keyboard, she was beginning to float into a date in a coffee shop.. Giggling and playfully teasing that new guy 5 cubicles away from her.

Next Chapter: Chapter 2- Rainy Days & Bad Eggs


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