Chapter 2 – Rainy Days & Bad Eggs

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The rain didn’t bother Olivia.

Despite the cold drenched inconvenience it causes, she found warmth looking at droplets falling from the sky. She was standing in front of their office building, waiting for the heavy down pour to slow down. A small smile had spread on her face while she observed the enticing scene of crystal waters dropping from her lavender umbrella. A tingling sensation of infinite happiness caused her to long for her warm pillows. She imagined burying herself in the sea of thick duvets. A hot coffee, a cozy bed, all these heavenly comforts were waiting for her in her empty apartment. But she was standing in the rain, half of her body soaked. She exhaled a deep sigh. She tried checking if the down pour slowed but it was eminent that there were no changes.

Sweater Weather. She mused while longing. She tried to distract herself by thinking of other things. Her smile grew bigger when her thoughts wandered back to that new guy who came into the office today. Despite being incredibly curious, she didn’t try to ask around for his details. She’s trying to change her mind about it anyway. He isn’t exceptionally attractive. She started. I mean there isn’t ANYTHING exceptional about him, really. That was her attempts of discouraging herself. But those rumors she heard about him, though. Definitely, those were awfully curious.

It started few weeks ago. Olivia noticed that the office was in frenzy. She didn’t bother listening as to what the fuzz was all about but Alisa, the loudest mouth in the office, felt obligated to announce any exciting bits her claws grabbed on. She graciously shared that the president’s son (a college dropout) was about to intern as one of the executives these coming weeks. Base on the whispers Alisa heard, this guy bares the typical bad egg reputation. What separates him from the stereo typical bad egg though was that he didn’t possess any obvious self destructive vice. He wasn’t a big spender or a party whore. He wasn’t a drug addict or an alcoholic. He was just those disappointing sons who performed poorly as Alisa loudly asserted. Maybe, Alisa speculated, this delinquent is an introvert with a low IQ and a low self esteem who is intimidated by his dad’s shadows. Everyone devoured this speculation and made theories of their own. Olivia rolled her eyes at the vicious and disgusting ordeal.

Eventually, the day that he must come into the office arrived. Everyone’s eyes peered and necks crooked when he walked the hallway. Olivia was curious of how indifferent he took the attention. Maybe, he expected it that’s why he was a standoffish. Or maybe, he generally doesn’t give a fuck. Either way, despite his efforts of a nonchalant facade, his eyes to her held an untold truth.

Maybe, she started to feel defensive for him because she dejected on how nasty the rumors has gone despite not knowing him properly. Maybe, she rooted for him because she hated his father.

Either way, up to this point, Olivia doesn’t even know his name. And despite her efforts of discouraging her interest, this guy was consistently filling her day dreams.

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