Chapter 3 – Nonchalance

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Nat was slick at avoiding people.

He leaned on the door frame staring blankly at nothing while people pass by. His father’s party bore him to death. This company, these talks about his glorified accomplishments made his insides reject the very thought of adulthood. He ran his hand through his hair as he let out an exhausted sigh. He likes to think that his silent presence on the least crowded corner would be enough to discourage curious gaze. He hoped it was enough to discourage any form of opening. Generally, he didn’t like to talk or connect with this company. This was another phase he had to go through to appease the ever daunting figure in their family: his bully father and his narcissistic indulgence on his image.

But people were not polite that night. They had been curious for a month. From that very day he walked into the office with his air of nonchalance, it seemed he owed them an explanation. People could not contain their curiosity about his disposition. They could not keep their question. They were curious with his anguish that he somehow constantly carries on his shoulder. Or so they assumed.

Nat licked his lips as he senses this curiosity. He looked down, picked his cigarette from his pocket and silently walks out of the room to the balcony, effortlessly sticking to his unconcerned composure.

Minutes later, Olivia walked into the room. This kind of gathering was not here scene. She scanned through the sea of faces and concluded these were the same people she saw five times a week. Maybe because she had a bleak week or maybe because she grew frustrated with the new guy’s general lack of interest to anything, Olivia, for that night, was in a certain state of funk. She wished she could spare them the weekend.

Minutes after trying to change her mood, she gave up on her efforts at socializing. She scanned the place and darted to the balcony.

”It’s already occupied…” a polite voice from the dark greeted her when she stepped into the balcony.
Startled, she fumbled and apologized. She was about to turn around and go back when Nat emerged from the darkness.

”It’s alright… I’m done…” He threw his stub into the dark while walking back to the party.  He didn’t even bother on lingering around and went straight to the main door, curious gaze following him.

Olivia’s funk worsened and her frustration boiled to an intolerable degree.

Why did I even bother…? It was all Olivia could think of. The night was young but any hopes of enjoyment were futile for her.

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