Chapter 4 – Gossips

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“What did he say to you?”

Alisa snapped Olivia out of her concentration. It was crunch time and she was beating a deadline. Mouth gaped; she frowned irritably at Alisa, puzzled to what she was referring to.

“We saw you talking to each other on the balcony at the party…”  Her big eyes and intolerable need for gossip was incredibly testing Olivia’s patience. She was also too near for her comfort.

Olivia inhaled and responded: “He told me the balcony was occupied and when I was about to leave he said it was OK and left the party,” Olivia’s intentional dry and concise delivery did the trick. The lack-luster discouraged Alisa to fuel this gossip as Monday’s sensational news. In defeat, she relaxed her eager composure and drew herself out of Olivia’s personal space. The crazy look in her eyes subsided. She stood up and got back to work. Olivia rolled her eyes.

A notification beep from her computer caught Olivia’s attention. She clicked on the new email.


You will be on boarded to a new team that will handle the LeeHo Motors account. Kindly attend the meeting by 3PM today. Please be prompt.


Nathaniel Cowell
Team Lead

Cowell & Co. Advertising Firm

Nathaniel Cowell.. Nathaniel Cowell… Olivia’s mind drifted between her task and her curiosity. She tried recalling her past leads but she didn’t recognize the name. She resolved that maybe the company outsourced a new team lead for this new project.

Time dissolved as Olivia concentrated on finishing her task. By 2:45pm, she stood from her chair then walked towards the conference room. As she approached the conference, she noticed the new guy was sitting at the head of the table.

“Of course, Olivia finally realized.
He’s Nathaniel Cowell.

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