Chapter 5 – Meeting

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“Hello everyone. I’m Nathaniel Cowell”.

This was the first time Nat interacted with anybody in the office. Well, the insistence from his father forced him to be in this position. He would have been comfortable assuming that “executive assistant” role for the VP in Business Development but his father changed his mind. Instead of assuming a job that only required him to “attend” meetings; his father assigned this temporary managerial task to him out of the blue. Despite his protest, he really didn’t have any choice. So he had to endure this setback from his initial plan of avoiding any interaction with this company.

“I was newly appointed to be an acting team lead for this account while James Johnson fulfills his duty in Bangkok. Once he gets back, he will resume his position in this team,” Nat licked his lips. Most of the time, he addressed the floor or the table. His voice was low, controlled and polite.

“… So for the mean time, I’d like to get oriented with the members of the project…”

Olivia frowned. It seemed to her that Nat’s diffident projection in that meeting was a contrast to his cool and unconcerned behavior for the past month.

Nat turned his head to Olivia. He was facing her general direction but he didn’t meet her eye.

“May we start our introductions..?” He smiled.

“Olivia Holmes – Digital Artist,” Olivia started. The introductions continued until everyone had spoken their roles.

“Thank you… Thank you all for that. So, the project is scheduled to start next week…” Nat continued.

“I…  Aside from the orientation, I called this meeting to prep you up. Hopefully by that time, you are all finished with your tasks from the other projects you are currently assigned. So this coming Monday, expect that we will have our first official meeting once the project starts, “A long pause ensued.

Nathaniel cleared his throat as if remembering the next thing to say. “That is all for now….,” He blurted. “Thank you… Thank you all…”

He stood up to adjourn the meeting and allowed his colleagues to say their thank you’s as they exited the conference room. Once no one else was left, he combed his messy hair and sighed. He zipped his hooded sweat shirt then wore his headphones with blaring music. He then massaged his temples, lowered his head and walked out of the office, looking more tortured and agitated than before.

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