Chapter 6 – Team Lead

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Nathaniel Cowell was wearing a suit on the first day of the project.

His messy hair was combed. His blaring head phone was nonexistent. He wore shiny black shoes. His neck tie was sleek. He wore an aftershave. Basically, his general impression was pristine. He didn’t slack nor looked unconcerned. He was present and involved. And he seemingly turned on and tuned up his charm to an unearthly level.

The change sparked new buzz amongst the gossipers. Alisa loudly professed she wanted to devour him. Olivia, on the other hand, kept her rekindled feelings to herself.

“Hi everyone! I officially welcome you all to the LeeHo Motors Account. So, for this project, we need to meet the client today… I expect the Art Director and Account Planner to attend the meeting with me…” Nathaniel was in command.

“…Chloe? Gabriel? ” Nathaniel turned his head, waiting for a response. Every member in the team was in a trance. They were too surprised to answer. They were somewhat impressed and confused with his transition.

“Oh yes… Right! Olivia should also be in that meeting, Sir” Gabriel snapped out of his trance and reply in a formal tone.

“Olivia?” Nat frowned as he quickly glanced at Olivia.

“She’s.. The Digital Artist..?”  Nat checked his notes to make sure he had mapped out his teams’ job roles correctly.

“Olivia and I usually brainstorm on the advertisement’s artistic concepts,” Chloe answered.

“As an Art Director, aren’t you solely responsible for that?” Nat asked.

“I need her creative input…” Chloe hesitated. “Sir…”

“OK. Well… Then, the initial meet up will be at Daniels by 7pm tonight. It will be a formal dinner.  Dress accordingly and be prompt.”

After disclosing that info, Nathaniel handed out materials and information about the project. He then prepped the 3 members who were expected to face the client later that night. After the meeting was adjourned, Nat came back to his desk busily typing on his laptop.

The eager gossipers took their break and indulged in the cafeteria.


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