source: pinimg.com

Your words, they sting painfully
I question “Do you really see me?”
Or do you paint your world in it’s gory negativity
Hey, try to get out of your head and see

Pain is relative; undefined
You can make your own monsters or leave them behind
But they say, instead of fighting it
We can embrace and coexist with it

Cause you can create your own reality
And I can let your words poison me
Or I can just let it be
Because I don’t want a friend and an enemy
I intend to value what is between you and me

So if you could lay down your made-up judgement
Please stop preparing witty arguments
I do not wish to spar words with you
Establish a genuine bond – this is what I intend to do

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. —AFRICAN PROVERB”


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