source: tumblr

The dysfunctional amongst us has a monster inside.We have a kryptonite; an addiction; a hook. We get drunk in loathing; anger; pain; lust; doubt;  fear and all sorts of toxins inside us.

We may deny or knowingly define ourselves with what this hook dictates. We may unconsciously follow that pattern again, do that unwanted bad habit, start that uncalled for vice. But, my friend, it is incredibly unfair to allow yourself to be crippled. It is unfair to settle for what was a result of an overwhelming damage.

Heal my friend. God did not create us in this world to scratch an itch or intoxicate ourselves with anger.

He knows that we are strong enough to fight an internal battle that was solely meant to be faced by you. For his love is internal and infinite, so should our love for ourselves. We do not need to understand why we are like this, but rather, we should declare that we don’t deserve to be dictated by this damaging hunger.

Such a waste of a beautiful soul if you let your hook take control.


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