FanFiction Story 2: Emma Watson + Matthew Lewis

Since the first one was well received, I took the liberty of making another one. Hopefully, you’d like it. If you haven’t read the first one, click here:

FanFiction Story 1: Emma Watson + Matthew Lewis

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Disclaimer:  I’ve grabbed some real tweets and photos to “support” this imagined romance. The time frame or the facts I’d mention behind these photos may be in accurate. But let’s just go with the flow and play along. I mean who knows, this romance might actually happen! 🙂


                The cast and crew of the British Indie film Her Solemn Pursuit  languidly enjoyed their late lunch at a patio in a beautiful restaurant in Greece.  They sipped their wine as if they had all the time in the world. At the back of their minds, they knew this was the calm before the storm. They knew this was that rare opportunity they could have before the chaotic ordeal of filming the movie officially begins.

Emma and Matthew were among these people. They sat side by side, Emma wearing a  floral dress while Matthew was wearing his white shirt and casual trousers. Emma covered her eyes as she turned her head to her left . She indulged in the breathtaking view of Greece the patio offered.  Colorful pastel-painted houses sprouted at the side of the mountain. The charming and picturesque scene complemented the inviting waters of the sea. She smiled as she tasted the salt in the air. She wished she was on a vacation instead of working.

Emma let out a loud sigh. Matthew noticed and turned his head to her direction.

“Hey…” He smiled.


                So far, Emma and Matthew were only exchanging  texts and tweets. They never got the chance to be on that date they’ve planned back in London. They kept on postponing and rescheduling it because of Emma’s busy schedule. After that day on their first read for this movie, Emma had to fly out to New York immediately to continue promoting her movie Regression. Her promotion went on for a month. She then took a break for a week and headed to Greece to start shooting for this movie.

Before Matthew texted and asked her out back in London, Emma wasn’t really interested in him. She may have made headlines in tabloids early in this year when she tweeted that hot photo of Matthew in the series he starred Bluestone 24:

But to her, that was just a friendly gesture. A way to keep in touch. Emma did publicly shared that she preferred dating non-actors or anyone not in the business. She found the attention inconvenient. She also seems to prefer bad boy and Matthew to her was like a childhood friend she grew up with.  However, Matthew took her tweet as a chance to do something  that might tickled her fancy.

10 minutes after Emma posted that tweet, Matthew direct messaged her:

Matthew/M:  Hey Em! That was smooth and yet horribly embarrassing..  How have you been?

Emma/E: Hey..! I saw it in my feed & I just CAN’T leave it alone. Good God Mat, stop changing.!
M: Puberty has been gracious to me.. I must take advantage of it 😉

E: Good point.. Although it’s hard to recognize you nowadays. You have to take it down a notch. :))

M:  I will try my best.. So, I’ll be in Hollywood next week. Some of the gang are also there. If you’re around, maybe you can join our little get together?

E: Sounds good. I think I’m still in LA at that time.

M: Wicked. Can I have your digits so I can keep you posted?
E: Sure! Here:  +44 20 7946 0913

A week after his invitation, Emma, Matthew, Tom,  Bonnie, Rupert and the whole lot enjoyed their July night drinking and laughing at a restaurant and bar on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood. The group had a much needed mini-reunion. Everyone were on high spirits and were reminiscent of their Harry Potter days. They recalled their antics, pranks and affectionately talked about the most memorable people.

The night turned from an engrossed and noisy exchanged of conversations to a highly intoxicated rowdiness  of dancing and games. The intoxication particularly hit Emma and Matt. Their initial exchange of friendly chit chat turned into a flirty interactions. They were too much enjoying  each other’s company that they didn’t bother joining this picture which was taken from that night:

Tom noticed the two of them and when Emma excused herself to the bathroom, he grabbed Matthew to a quiet corner and tried to talk some sense to him.

“You do know Emma’s taken ?” Tom intervened.

“I know,” Matthew replied as he took a swig from his beer.

Tom was about to argue further but smiled when he realized what his friend was up to. It seems there was point of telling him off. One look at Matt’s face and he knew Matt was well aware of what he was doing.

Chuckling and shaking his head Tom asked, “I never knew you fancy her. When did it all started?

“Well..” Matthew thoughtfully answered while taking another swig.I’ve fancied her a long time. I just.. I just never took it seriously..”

“Until now, I recon?” Tom confirmed.

Matt nodded.

“Tonight, I was checking if she’s interested..” Matthew’s face lit up when he saw Emma amongst the crowd. “And..”Matthew gave a coy smile.

Tom laughed in reply, took a swig of his beer and playfully grabbed him by the neck.

After that night, Matt kept in touch with Emma but in a respectable distance. They messaged or texted when possible. They would talk about their career, family, life and at times,  go on about  the woes of their love life. Once, Emma called him up to complain about how disregarded she felt with her current boyfriend. Matt took his role as a supportive friend: a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on when needed. At times, Matt would go out of his way and mention Emma on his tweets when he feels appreciative of her well wishes:


                Early in August, tabloids printed that Emma broke off with her boyfriend Matt Janney. In the midst of the gossip, Emma stopped her correspondence with Matthew. Matt respected her decision and allowed her to take her time. He initially intended to wait until she would contact him first.  But it seems his feelings got the best of him. After a month, he messaged Emma with a casual hello. Matt didn’t receive any immediate response. He only heard from her after a week. While he was eating his lunch at a restaurant in London, he heard his phone beep and grabbed it from the pockets of this denim pants.

Emma/E: Hey Mat! I’m sorry for the late reply. How have you been?
M: It’s all good Em.. No worries. You?  

E: Absolutely fantastic.

 Matt sensed the hint of sarcasm. Still he continued:

M:  So.. umm.. I’ve heard about your break-up…
There was a 10 minute gap before Emma replied:

E: Yeah. From the tabloids I suppose?
Matt imagined her starting to fume.  He cursed at himself for being so light about the topic.

M: Unfortunately. Sorry, Emm..

E: Oh privacy! Ever so elusive. How is it your business, anyway?

From the tone of her text, he knew he crossed a line. Despite the bond they had re-kindled over the past month, it seemed everything was back to zero with Emma’s reply. Still, he pushed his luck and replied:

M: You know you can talk to me right..?

Another 10 minute interval happened before Emma replied:

E: I know.

                Unfortunately, it seemed the conversation ended there. Matt wanted to reply to keep their exchange going but he might have contacted her too soon. He sighed and resigned to the idea that maybe it was too early. 2 hours later, he received another text from Emma:

E: I know.. I’m sorry I snapped at you. But I just don’t want to think or talk about it right now.

M: I understand..

E: I’ve got loads of things to do, anyway. Hopefully, it’ll help me get through..

M: Yeah.. I mean I understand people have different way of dealing with things..

E: Thanks for understanding.

M: Sure. No worries, Em. 🙂

That might have been a good ending to their awkward exchange but Matt was on a role. He couldn’t contain himself any longer.

M: Listen, I know it’s a bad time to say this. And I’m pushing my luck here. But Emma, I’m interested in you. Seriously interested in you. And if time comes that things cools down or are sorted out, then I’ll ask you out on a date. Just, let me know if I have a chance..

The four days of total silence and no response from Emma were the most torturous days for Matt. He felt incredibly stupid for doing what he did but apologizing for it might make the professing less sincere.  He would turn his phone off and on, check his messages ever so often and further torment himself by re-living that moment  in his head. The slow and agonizing pain of waiting never felt so hopeless.

On the fourth day when he was about to conclude that Emma’s silence means he doesn’t have a chance, his phone softly chimed and as if by instinct, he knew the message was from Emma. He smiled when he saw her reply:

E: We’ll see 🙂


Fast forward to the early days of November: the two of them in Greece and was about to star together in a film. They were looking into each other’s eyes, sitting side by side in that patio. Each of them held a glass of the most exquisite wine they have ever tasted. Both of them were languid and light-hearted.

So..”  Matt started. ” .. about that date..” He smiled as he continued. “When will we schedule it..?

Emma suppressed a giggle while she witnessed Matt’s shy and boyish inquiry. She took a sip from her wine and took her time to reply.

We’ll see..” was her playful tease.


FanFiction Story 1: Emma Watson + Matthew Lewis

urlDisclaimer: I am well aware that I’m not following the very definition of fan fiction. I know that the stories that falls under this category should only be weaved from fictional characters of books or tv shows, etc. (Although, this can fall under “etc.” *wink* ) But com’n, Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis has got to happen!!! They’d definitely bless the world with good-looking off springs.  Emma-Watson-Shake-Dance-Gif Unto the imagined budding romance! I apologize in advance if my attempt at sounding British would be VERY uncomfortable. I’m not familiar with their expressions, jargon or slang. Humor me with this wishful thinking. Besides, who knows.. It might happen. 🙂

Emma was exhausted from her trip. She didn’t even bother removing her coat and crashed on the hotel bed with a thud. She closed her eyes while recalling her day.

All those interviews, she thought, Oh god.. Those junkets tomorrow. I’ll definitely go looney..

She massaged her jaw while exhaling. Out of habit, she began to mentally recall her schedule for tomorrow’s chaos. While her line of thoughts were between her 6pm to 7pm interview, her deep reverie was disrupted by a beep from her phone. She lazily fetched it from her purse.

Matthew/M: Hey! Heard you were in town.

Emma suppressed a smile while replying:

Emma/E: Just arrived! So tired.

M: How long will you be in the city?

E: Don’t know, really. Maybe a week or two. Then, I have to fly off to New York.

M: Awesome. Want to hang?

E: With everybody.? Sure! Is Friday any good?

Emma didn’t receive a reply instantly. She listened to it while lying down, waiting for her phone to beep. With a curious frown, she looked at it again then figured maybe, he was in the middle of something.  Emma kicked her shoes and resolved to call it a night. She took off her jacket then changed into her jammies. She went into her bathroom to do her nightly rituals. In the middle of brushing her teeth, her phone beeped. She half walked half ran into the bedroom and reached for her phone.

M: I was thinking maybe just the two of us..

E: Like a date?

M: Yeah.. like that 🙂

Emma didn’t try to suppress her smile anymore. She finished brushing her teeth then replied:

E: Um.. ok. So, Friday?

M: Yeah. Sounds excellent. The Diary? 7pm.?

E: Oh, I haven’t tried that place! Lovely. See u?

M: See u 🙂

Emma and Matt talked more about updates and what nots. Eventually, exhaustion took over and she was slipping in between texting and dozing off. Without realizing it, she fell asleep in the middle of replying to Matt’s story about Tom Felton’s recent funny antic.


First, the busy buzz of people coming in and out of her bedroom woke her up. Then, the gentle nudge from her manager made her open her eyes and turn to her right.

“What’s with all the fuzz?” Still lying on her bed, Emma asked sounding a bit dazed.
“We had a change of schedule and location, Em. The London Magazine liked to have your interview before lunch. And um, you woke up late.. I rang your phone a few times before coming here about two hours ago. You didn’t answer and The London was insistent,” Her manager explained all the fiasco while leading her to the bathroom.

“Oh…” was the only reply Emma could managed. She was about to ask where her phone was when her manager pressed on making haste.

“Better get going. They’ll be here in 30 minutes” Her manager shut the bathroom door. Emma stood still for a minute to take it all in. She exhaled. She then did what she was told and started preparing. The rest of the day went by like a blur as well as the rest of the week.


Matthew/M: Hey.. 🙂

It was a lovely Sunday morning and Emma finally had a break. She had a chance to use her phone every once and a while within the week but usually to reply or ask about any work related stuff. Her exchange with Matt completely slipped off from her mind up until she received his text.

Emma/E: Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I got REALLY busy I totally forgot! 😦 Is it still on?
M: Is alright. When will you be free?

Emma checked her schedule. She sighed when she realized she was unexpectedly packed.

E: I was suppose to be free this afternoon but I just got asked if I could run a few lines for a role. And.. I’m sort of engaged the rest of the week 😦
M: Sort of?
E: Errr.. very engaged..

Matt didn’t reply instantly. Emma waited while looking at her phone. She understood if Matt wouldn’t reply anymore. It seemed impossible to meet up these days.

M: What movie are you going to run lines this afternoon.?

Hmm.. Changed the topic. Odd. She thought.

They end up talking about the movie and what little knowledge Emma knew about it. It was an British indie film to be shot in Greece. She just received the script. She schemed through it but never got the chance to fully read it. She hadn’t heard any news about who were the actors to be casted for the film. She shared that she’ll definitely know more after the first meeting this afternoon.

Emma was a bit surprised when Matt took the cancellation of their date lightly. She apologized to him twice and mentioned that with her current schedule, it might not be possible to meet up before she went back to New York. Matthew would just reply reassuringly that it was OK. She frowned at his calmness.

Maybe, he’s not that interested.. She concluded.


Later in the afternoon, Emma went to the said first meeting for that British indie film. While in the car, she thoroughly read her script.

The story of the film mainly focused on an old couple’s struggle with their mute grand daughter who wished to become a famous musician and pursued her passion when she met and fell in love with a young lad from the city. The story was set in a conservative town in Greece in the 1940s. Emma was offered the role of the mute grand daughter. While reading, she felt moved with the grad daughter’s will and angst, the town’s discrimination against her and her struggle to stand up for herself. Emma now hoped that she’d get the role. But also, she was curious about her character’s love interest and wondered who were the actors considered for the role. With much anticipation, she hurried to enter the room for their meeting.

When she opened the door, a familiar face came to view. He was sitting near the door. He was talking seriously and rather animatedly with the director. He was so engaged with their conversation that he didn’t notice her. She just smiled then sat opposite him.

So.. that’s why he was so casual about the cancellation.. Emma finally understood.

Matthew Lewis was intently listening to the director’s reply when his eyes flickered to the person opposite him. He smiled broadly when he saw Emmma’s face. Emma smiled back. Trying to regain his concentration, Matthew smiled apologetically and continued talking to the director. Emma nodded then opened her script. She resumed on reading her role.

A minute later she felt her phone vibrated in her bag. She smiled knowingly.

Matthew/M: So.. about that date.. 🙂

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